We are very pleased you selected a BHP Community Land Trust apartment and hope you are enjoying your newly renovated home.  Every effort has been made to make your apartment the best quality and most attractive residence possible.

Your lease agreement and the Rules & Regulations address all resident’s and landlord’s responsibilities.  The following are a few important terms from your lease that will be strictly enforced:

  • Rent is due in full on the first (1st) of each month and is late by the fifth (5th). A $75 late fee  will be charged if rent is not received by the 5:30 PM on the fifth of the month.
  • Pay on-line or mail your rent (no cash - checks or money orders only - payable to BHP Community Land Trust). Please write your building and apartment numbers on your rent check/money order. 
  • Plumbing cleanouts have been performed on each building.  Only appropriate waste and toilet tissue goes into the toilets.  Food, sanitary paper products, paper towels, hair, etc. are not to be sent through the toilet and plumbing system 
  • Trash – household debris only should be placed inside the trash receptacles, not outside the receptacle. There is no bulk trash or recycled trash pickup. Each resident is responsible for disposing of their boxes, furniture or other oversized items 
  • Occupants of each apartment are listed on the lease. Anyone staying at an apartment for more than 7 days is an unauthorized resident, and you will be in violation of your lease
  • Non-emergency police calls--please contact your local Police Department  to report any non-emergency disturbance.  Ask for a supervisor when reporting the problem.  If police do not arrive within 20 minutes, call back to the non-emergency Police number, and also call our property Asset Management at 954-944-3166. 

We welcome you and hope you enjoy your lovely apartment.  Feel free to contact me (954-944-3166) if you have any questions or need more information.


Matt Weiss

Asset Management & Realty, Inc.


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